Sea Urchins


This fun and exotic pair are truly alluring: they just entice you in and you automatically want to reach out and touch them. At home on any mantel, table or windowsill, this fascinating duo will be noticed instantly by your guests! The octopus is slightly taller in height, adding to the sense of wonder and curiosity they inspire when sitting together. The ornaments are made from resin, with the top parts, the creatures’ heads being made from a combination of crushed seashells set in resin.

Separate Product Dimensions

  • Octopus – L17.3cm, W15.3cm, H37.3cm
  • Jellyfish – L18.3cm, W16.3cm, H34.3cm


Resin, Crushed Shells

Weight (kg): 1.0
Dimensions (cm): 40 x 30 x 40

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Resin, Crushed Shells

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Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 40 cm